Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Funnies...

June is Classic Bloom County Month!

Reading this when it was originally published after the Falkland War, I realized that Berke Breathed and his Bloom County was the greatest comic strip ever written. Sorry Calvin and Hobbes, I love you greatly but you come in second place.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Free iPhone 5's... Sweet!

Best Buy gave me a new iPhone 5. For free. Seriously, they did. I kid you not. Here is how it happened.

Late Friday night I am at home reading the tech news on Flipboard. There was an article telling how Best Buy, the giant retail merchant, was going to have a one day only special on iPhone 5's. Best Buy had already discounted their iPhone 5 inventory by $50.00, so the retail price was now $149.99. If you had an iPhone 4 (I did), or 4S, and it was out of contract (I was), they would take your phone in exchange and give you $150.00 gift card. Thereby making the iPhone 5, in essence, Free! And the one day only sale was the very next day, Saturday, June 1, 2013.

Now I read this over several times just to make sure I was reading it right. No hidden fees, no small print to trip up the deal, no slight of hand. Wow. A free iPhone 5! Hmmmm, that must mean the iPhone 6 is coming out in about a month. So I did some due diligence, and checked on both these things. Several other website were reporting the same special offer by Best Buy, so that checked out. And the current rumor mill said that the iPhone 6 was probably June or July of 2014. I could not believe my luck.

Next morning after breakfast we headed over to the local big box Best Buy, and after about 2 hours, I walked out with a new iPhone 5. I picked up a new car charger (normally priced at $20.00) and a new InCase (normally priced at $39.00) which Best Buy discounted them by $15.00, and the new iPhone 5 (which of course is normally $200.00 with contract), plus sales tax all for the low low price of $32.84.